Universidad Rey Juan Carlos
Universitat Jaume I

Modalities and practices of resignification of women as victims

The objective of the project is to identify innovative communicative initiatives and narratives that allow for a transformation in the representation of women who suffer from violence. The project aims to offer a perspective that goes beyond the canonical modes of representation constituted by the compassionate stories about subjects reified in their role as victims. For this reason, it seeks to investigate the counterhegemonic discourses that construct an active subject endowed with agency and with the capacity to transform the contexts of violence. Such exploration is conducted on social networks and within the narratives of popular culture since these are spaces where traditional modalities of representation circulate and coexist with alternative accounts about violence. A fundamental theoretical tool in this process is the concept of ethical witnessing by Kelly Oliver. This author detects that the usual approach to situations of violence focuses mainly on the figures of the executor and the victim. As an alternative, her proposal underscores the responsibility of the audience and the political nature of the spectatorial act in the face of mass accounts about violence. Oliver appeals to our responsiveness to others as spectators and to our response-ability in the response. The intention of the project is to discover the still scarce cultural and scientific approaches that delve into the implications of ethical witness positions on social networking sites and in popular culture narratives.